Yogurt Flavor Treats for Dogs

In moderation, yogurt flavor treats may be just fine for doggie.
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You don't want to feed your canine baby anything that's bad for him, even if he does gaze at you with those big brown peepers. Yogurt is suitable for many dogs and can even be beneficial. Most dogs love it and will thank you for such a tasty treat.

Yogurt Safety

The ASPCA indicates that a small amount of yogurt may be safely used to add a little extra flavoring to your doggie's favorite treats. However, the organization also warns that, for some canines, slight digestive upset could occur as a result of the yogurt.

Lactose Intolerance

Many dogs are unable to adequately break down lactose, which is the sugar in milk and milk-based products. Although yogurt is indeed a dairy product, like cheese it is fermented and consists of lower levels of lactose than milk and cream, for example.

Because of the markedly lower lactose content, many dogs may not experience any digestive upset as a result of eating small amounts of yogurt. However, canines that are especially sensitive to lactose may experience a bellyache or diarrhea due to eating yogurt flavor treats. If you have any questions regarding lactose and your specific pet's comfort and well-being, consult your veterinarian beforehand.

Type of Yogurt

When choosing a yogurt for your pooch, select a plain one that is free of both artificial sweetening and sugar. Yogurt that contains live active bacteria may also benefit your cutie's digestive system as well -- a major bonus. Along with the welcome boost of protein and calcium, yogurt can be a nutritious addition to your pet's "sometimes" diet.

Other "People" Treats

If your pet happens to be in the camp of doggies that cannot handle even the smallest amount of lactose, don't fret for his palate. Apart from yogurt flavor treats, other delicious occasional "people food" treats are out there. The Humane Society of the United States cites a pleasant variety, including seedless apple slices, bananas, raw carrot sticks and salt-free almonds -- yum!

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