Welsh Terrier Grooming Instructions

The Welsh terrier has a waterproof double-coat that lets him hunt and play in just about any weather without much trouble. This breed hardly sheds, but still requires coat care to prevent mats and make him look his best. Baths are rare, but you'll become quite acquainted with the brush.

Step 1

Brush your Welshie regularly. You could probably get away with once a week, but three times or every other day is better. Run a pin or slicker brush down him to remove all the dead, loose hair before it gathers and mats.

Step 2

Bathe your Welshie only when he needs it. The Welshie's wiry, waterproof coat doesn't typically allow dirt to stick, so baths are a rare occurrence. Wash him only if he feels particularly greasy or has rolled in something nasty. Use a gentle dog shampoo and rinse him thoroughly. Use towels or use a low-heat hair dryer to dry him.

Step 3

Strip his coat two or three times a year. Just because the Welshie doesn't shed in the traditional sense doesn't mean he doesn't lose hair regularly. The dead coat will need to be hand stripped to encourage and allow new growth. Plucked out the coat by hand or remove it using stripping knives. You can do this yourself, but you should seek the advice and instruction of a professional groomer first to learn how to do it properly and without hurting your Welshie.

Step 4

Trim your Welshie's nails at least once a month. If your dog spends a lot of time romping and playing outside, this may not be necessary as he'll wear them down naturally. Check his nails regularly and trim them if they are too long. Take care when you do, as dogs have sensitive tissue in the middle of the nail called the quick, which will bleed if cut. This will not be pleasant for your dog and he'll do everything in his power to avoid nail-trimming next time. Ask a groomer or your vet to show you how to trim the nails without incident.

Step 5

Trim your Welshie's unkempt hair. Your dog's cute little mustache can get into his food and become caked with leftovers. Use scissors or dog hair clippers to trim his mustache hair neatly. The hair between the pads on his paws can also collect debris and mat, causing him discomfort. Trim it even with the pads.

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