What Are Ways to Calm a Kitten?

Kittens are playful but sometimes need help calming down.
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Kittens are energetic balls of fluff that can make anything a toy. This energy usually lasts in little bursts, punctuated by rolling, pouncing and batting anything within reach, after which they crash and nap for hours. If your kitty seems too hyper, a few things can help calm him down.

Play with Him

Telling you to play with your hyper kitten may sound like saying you can put out a fire with wood. It seems counter-intuitive. But encouraging a more focused, intent play can help your kitten burn out his energy and calm him down faster. And the more you play with him, the faster he'll tire out and fall asleep.

Feed Him

A hyper kitten uses up a lot of energy and therefore succumbs to the munchies quickly. Offer a bowl of food or some treats may to fill his little belly and make him sleepy. Cats also have a naturally tendency to groom and then nap after eating, so encouraging him to eat may move him past the furry-terror stage into the nod-off-wherever-he's-sitting stage.

Love Him

If your kitty is literally bouncing off the walls, he may be simply trying to get your attention. Sometimes just sitting with your kitten and giving him a quiet scratch behind the ears or gentle pet can help calm him. Sit quietly with him and speak in soothing, soft tones to encourage him to settle down and accept the love.

Give Him a Puzzle

A bored kitty can run the gamut from lazy to hyperactive. Kittens will seek out new toys and games to entertain themselves, which may translate to climbing your new curtains or attacking your Faberge egg collection. Offer him a toy that makes him work for the reward, such as a ball with a hole that you slip treats into. He'll be so focused on the puzzle that he'll soon work off all his excess energy.

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