Uses for Animax Ointment in Cats

Animax treats infections in Spot and Dot.
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If your kitty has many health issues, you'll soon become as familiar with different drugs as a veterinary pharmacist. When your vet prescribes Animax, for instance, before adding it to Fluffy's side of the medicine chest you'll find out what Animax treats and how to administer it to your cat.

What Is Animax?

Animax is the commercial name for a combination of medicines in an ointment form. It's a mixture of a corticosteriod, an antifungal and an antibiotic. Animax is useful for treating infections that are caused or complicated by yeast or bacteria. The topical treatment is suitable for cats and dogs. All you have to do is simply apply the Animax to the affected area as many times a day as your vet prescribes.

Ear Infections

If your cat is susceptible to ear infections, you may end up using Animax frequently. Common causes of ear infections in your cat include mites, yeast and bacteria. If your kitty scratches her ears often and they are red, check them for an odor, which could indicate a yeast infection. If instead you note the insides of them are dotted with black spots, your cat likely has mites. Bring such conditions to your vet's attention so you can begin alleviating your cat's discomfort.

Skin Treatment

Animax treats a wide range of skin conditions your cat may develop, conditions such as dry or inflamed skin, eczema, or excessively flaky or greasy skin. Animax is effective in healing cysts between a cat's toes, too. It's also commonly used to treat itchy, uncomfortable skin conditions caused by ticks and fleas.


Though Animax is effective for treating infections in the ears and on the skin, it's not suitable in all instances. Administer it with caution. Obviously if your cat has ever had an allergic reaction to Animax in the past, refrain from using it, but see a different medication rather than letting your cat go without. If your kitty has suffered a ruptured ear drum, do not use Animax. Avoid Animax if your kitty is pregnant or nursing, and don't use it if the cat has deep wounds or very serious infections. If your cat gains a lot of weight while on Animax or if she becomes very thirsty and urinates more frequently than usual, talk to your vet about switching her to another medication.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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