Which Types of Shampoo Are the Best for a Normal & Healthy Poodle?

Groomed to perfection, the poodle is simply adorable.
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The poodle is the ultimate circus performer, prancing along on his hind feet. In the show ring, the poodle is immaculate, but what happens behind the scenes? There must be that one moment when this creature of groomed perfection lands in a puddle and looks a mess.

The Poodle's Coat

No one particular shampoo is perfect for every poodle. What all poodles do have in common is how they shed. Many believe a poodle does not shed, but they do, although shedding is minimal and the fur doesn't normally leave the dog's coat. To rid the coat of excess hair, and avoid matting, bathing should occur frequently. The decision to use a product specifically designed for a poodle's coat and skin can make bathing more beneficial.

Color Enhancers

Shampoos containing color enhancers also are available. Over time, a black poodle's coat may become lifeless and dull in appearance. A color enhanced shampoo with a green tint can make the poodle's black coat appear more black and more lustrous. The same holds true for the white poodle. Dirt, tears and urine can stain the poodle's snow white coat and cause the fur to appear yellowed and dingy. A shampoo containing an optic brightener can restore a pristine appearance.


Excessive dry skin causes flakes, which create dander in the poodle's coat. A moisturizing shampoo can reduce dander and improve the appearance of your poodle. Choosing a shampoo with natural ingredients is more kind to your poodle's skin. Chemical additives can cause dryness resulting in additional dander. Improper rinsing also leads to increased dryness, adding to the dander, as does too frequent bathing, which can strip the dog's coat of necessary oils.

Proper Grooming

A well groomed coat is healthier for your poodle, and makes bath time more beneficial. A poodle's coat is more similar to human hair than the fur of other breeds and grows rapidly. Improper or inconsistent grooming can cause the coat to tangle and mat. Caring for a normal and healthy poodle isn't difficult with proper dedication and the time spent bathing and grooming can be a bonding experience. Changes to your dog's coat and skin often reveal themselves during bathing and grooming, and any noticeable changes should be assessed immediately by a veterinarian.

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