Types of Seed for Parakeets

Your parakeet has a need for seed.
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Your parakeet is an active little bird who requires plenty of calories to fuel his crazy, fun-filled day. Seeds are one of the best sources of these calories. The following seeds, found in popular parakeet mixes, along with rations of vegetables and fruit will keep your busy boy running strong.

Millet Seed

Tiny, round and typically white gold or red in color, millet seed is a high-carb, low-fat, quick-energy seed coming from cereal and forage grasses grown throughout the world. Millet is also a rich source of silica necessary for a parakeet's nervous system, tendons and nails. Your bird can enjoy eating it in a millet spray -- a dried string of seedling heads -- or as seed in his dish.

Canary Seed

Coming from the annual grass native to the Canary Islands, this seed is another quick-energy source for parakeets. This seed is round, brown and covered by a thin, glossy yellow hull which your birdie boy will find very attractive. Although too low in protein to be a complete diet by itself, it is a major component of commercial seed mixes, and a staple for small domestic birds like yours.

Sunflower Seed

The fruit of the beautiful sunflower provides your fine feathered friend with a good source of essential fatty acids, protein and energy. But beware: These high-fat, shelled-kernel seeds can be highly addictive -- your bird will love shelling them -- and overconsumption can lead to obesity, so shell them out sparingly.

Safflower Seed

Resembling a white sunflower seed, the safflower seed is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of plant protein. This seed, produced by the safflower plant grown primarily in Western America and the Canadian prairies, provides plenty of calories to energize your active bird buddy. And like the sunflower seed, this shelled seed can be addictive and fattening – so dish it out with moderation.

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