Types of Cats for Your Personality

Alpha kitty, beta kitty, little ball of fur. Gamma kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.
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You are likely to bond most deeply with a cat that has a personality similar to yours. Examine your personality and look at the different types of cat personalities to determine which is most like yours. In addition to considering personality, consider your lifestyle and your expectations for the cat.

Cat Types

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Cat personalities are often described in three broad groupings sometimes labeled as alpha, beta and gamma. Understanding these personality types and being able to most closely match your own personality to one of them will be helpful in choosing a cat that is a good match for you.

Alpha Cats

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Alpha cats are incredibly smart and have tons of energy. This is the type that climbs to the top of the curtains and learns to open cabinet doors. If you are a high-energy person who never turns down a dare, this might suit you. It's important to remember, however, that alpha cats can be high-maintenance. They must be kept busy or they will get into trouble. This is especially true of alpha kittens.

Beta Cats

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If you're a social creature yourself, the beta cat is for you. Beta cats love to spend time with you. They're the quintessential lap cat. They usually enjoy the company of your guests, of other cats and even of dogs. If your personality matches up with the beta cat's love of companionship, there's one aspect of your lifestyle to consider before you choose such a cat: Do you have enough time to give the beta cat the attention he craves? Beta cats do not like to be lonely.

Gamma Cats

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Cats with the gamma personality require you to earn their trust. They tend to be a bit shy and may need to be coaxed into a relationship. The gamma personality tends to be one that is quiet and doesn't necessarily need as much company from humans or other animals. If you're the quiet, shy type, this cat personality may be the perfect match for you. However, even if your personality is similar, if you have a large family or other animals, consider whether yours will be the best home for this cat.

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