How to Train a Boxer Dog to Be Around Elderly People

I'm being good. Want some kisses?

I'm being good. Want some kisses?

Boxer puppies are exuberant in greeting people and love to jump on everyone. A boxer will grow to about 2 feet tall at the shoulder and have considerable weight as an adult. Train your boxer to greet people properly so he does not hurt elderly guests when they visit you.

Doorbell Desensitizing

Have a helper ring the doorbell. Your boxer will most probably run to the door to greet the friend. Tell your boxer to sit or lie down on his mat or bed.

Give him a dog treat when he sits and stays or lies down quietly. Open the door for your helper and keep your dog in his current position. If he gets up put him back in the sit or lie down position.

Tell your helper to give me a dog treat as your boxer is calmly waiting to greet him. Allow your boxer to greet the friend after your friend sits down.

Repeat this exercise several times in a row. Your dog will soon learn that if he calmly waits to greet guests and does not jump on them, he will get a treat. Eventually phase out the treats and give your boxer a lot of praise for being a good boy.

“Say Hello” Command

Place a chair without arms, such as a dining room chair, in the center of your living room. Sit in the chair with a handful of small dog treats.

Call your boxer to you and have him sit on one side of you. If he puts his paws on you, place his paws on the floor and tell him to sit.

Place one treat in your hand on the opposite side of the chair from where your dog is sitting. For example, if he is sitting on your left side, place a treat in your right hand with your hand closed.

Place the hand with the treat near your dog’s nose so he can smell it. Move your hand across your lap to get him to follow the treat. Place your hand lower than your lap so he will put his chin on your lap. As soon as he touches your lap with his chin, tell him “good boy, say hello” and immediately give him the treat.

Practice this command several times each day in short training sessions. Make your boxer keep his head on your lap for a little longer each time and eventually phase out the treats. He will learn that a polite hello gets him lots of attention and praise.

Items you will need

  • Dog mat or bed
  • Dog treats
  • Chair


  • Make training sessions before mealtime so your dog will respond well to the treats because he is hungry.
  • Place your boxer’s mat or bed on the opposite side of a room with a door. This helps in training him to stay put at a distance from the visitors.
  • Train you boxer on doorbell desensitizing and staying in place, then combine it with saying hello so he greets elderly guests nicely after they are seated and they call him.


  • A jumping adult boxer can knock elderly, frail guests down and cause injuries to them.

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