The Top 10 Dog-Friendly Places to Visit on Vacation in the US

Dog-friendly vacation spots have a variety of pet-friendly lodging options.

Dog-friendly vacation spots have a variety of pet-friendly lodging options.

If you're itching to hit the road with your pooch, don't fret. There are a wealth of dog-friendly places to check out with Buddy. Dogs are becoming more welcome, which means you've got options, whether you're after a beach vacation or a historical learning experience.

San Diego

This Southern California city is a dog lover's paradise. Dog-friendly beaches and hosts of dog parks make it a great place to find a spot you and Buddy will enjoy together. Dogs are allowed on all San Diego beaches and there are a few, such as Ocean Beach and Coronado Beach, that will welcome your pal off-leash. If you enjoy kayaking, he can join you on the excursion, and when you're finished, rest while you enjoy a meal at one of the outdoor restaurants.


Dogs are welcome throughout Seattle, including on the bus and ferry. Washington Park Arboretum is a beautiful green space that you can enjoy together, and if he likes the freedom of off-leash parks, there are 11 to choose from. When you're exploring the city, check out Pike Place Market, where you'll both enjoy great people watching.


If you're interested in vacationing on the East Coast, check out Boston, where Buddy can join you on the subway. You'll both enjoy a walk on the Freedom Trail, covering 250 years of US history, with a stop in Boston Common Park. Buddy can explore the off-leash area and you'll appreciate the beautiful gardens.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular vacation spot for people, but Buddy can enjoy it too. A walkable city, it's a great place for dogs, who can choose between three off-leash beaches and a selection of off-leash parks, including four in Golden Gate Park.

Austin, Texas

Austin rolls out the red carpet for dogs with lots of dog-friendly dining and sleep spots, as well as a variety of jogging trails along the Colorado River. Buddy's welcome on his leash in the Zilker Botanical Gardens, which he can follow up with a swim at Red Bud Isle where he can meet and greet new pooch pals. Austin also boasts a nice variety of off-leash parks.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

If you want spectacular scenery on your vacation, think about Colorado Springs. This pooch-loving town offers a myriad of outdoor activities, including dog-friendly hiking trails, parks, shops and off-leash parks. You and Buddy may enjoy a horse-drawn trolley ride at Buckskin Joe Frontier Town and Railway.

Alexandria, Va.

If you're a history buff or political animal, check out Alexandria, Va. close to the nation's capitol. Arlington Cemetery and George Washington's home, Mount Vernon, are open to people and their leashed pups. There are plenty of off-leash areas to enjoy with Buddy, too, including the Dog Run Park and the Beatley Library Dog Park. When it's time to chill, take a sightseeing cruise from the Potomac Riverboat Co.


If you want something in the Midwest, consider Chicago, a big city that knows how to roll out the welcome mat for the dogs. Montrose Dog Beach is a popular off-leash destination on Lake Michigan. Chicagoland Canoe Base is a good stop if you feel like canoeing or kayaking with Buddy. If you're both pooped, try a horse-drawn carriage tour of the city with your pal to unwind after a busy day.

Other Options

Portland, Ore. offers some of the largest dog-friendly parks in the country, as well as a host of off-leash parks. Buddy may enjoy digging in the sandy beaches of Key West, Fla. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are another beach option, where dogs are free to roam Nags Head Beach year round. If you're more into snow sports, you and your pal should consider Lake Tahoe.

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