Tips for Taking Care of Teacup Yorkies

Even falling off a stool can seriously injure a teacup Yorkie.
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Teacup Yorkshire terriers are the offspring of unusually small standard-sized Yorkshire terriers. While a standard Yorkshire terrier weighs no more than 7 pounds, a full-grown teacup Yorkie rarely exceeds 3 pounds. While their small size is endearing, it also magnifies many of risks associated with standard Yorkies.


Standard Yorkies are prone to low blood-sugar and this risk is especially severe in teacup Yorkies. Your pup's small size makes it difficult to store nutrients and fluids. Which means that wherever you take your teacup Yorkie, you must also bring a bottle of Pedialtye and a dog bowl. Pedialyte or other electrolyte-infused drinks will stabilize his blood sugar while keeping him hydrated.


A teacup Yorkie has a silky single coat to care for and untangle, but his small body size makes daily brushing and weekly baths especially important. If left unchecked, matted hair on a teacup Yorkie's coat could ensnare his tiny limbs and limit his movement. Brush your teacup Yorkie once a day using a slicker brush and always use conditioner in the bath.


Your tiny teacup Yorkie's body structure is ultra-fragile and delicate. Even a misplaced heavy comforter could suffocate these little guys. Because of his small size, tumbling off the side of a bed or chair could cause serious injury. A teacup Yorkie is definitely not an appropriate fit for families with small children or other, larger pets. It's up to you as his owner to recognize potential hazards, such as wobbly floor boards, heavy swinging doors and the feet of guests.

Outside Protection

Protect your tiny pooch when attending crowded or outdoor events. Larger dogs remain visible while walking through crowded events, such as state fairs and parades. The small size of a teacup Yorkie, however, makes for an unknowing pedestrian to accidentally step on him. Instead, carry your little guy him in a small shoulder bag or dog purse whenever you travel someplace unfamiliar or crowded. Because teacup Yorkie's tire faster than a larger dog, especially in the heat, a covered pet stroller is also a wise investment.

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