Does a Ticking Clock Help Stop a Puppy From Crying?

Try not to run to your pup when he cries.
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Your pup may cry for a number of reasons, but one common reason is the absence of his mother's heartbeat. The rhythmic sound of a heartbeat is calming for young pups. Placing a ticking clock in his bed is one way to help stop your little fur baby from crying.


Puppies cry out of fear, boredom and loneliness. Imagine being yanked from your environment of soft, warm bodies and a mother's steady heartbeat. The change from living with litter mates and a mother can cause separation anxiety for a pup. To magnify the loneliness, your new pup probably had a lot of attention when you first brought him home -- lots of hugs and kisses. Now, he's alone with none of the usual sounds and smells.


Placing a ticking clock near your pup where he sleeps will give him a steady sound. Wrap the clock in towels, so he can lie against it. The towel will provide tactile stimulation and muffle the noise of the clock, so it's more like a mother's heartbeat. If your pup tends to tear things apart and you are using a crate, set the clock just outside his crate. Windup clocks or battery-operated clocks are easier to use because you can move them around without cords getting in the way.

Other Solutions

You can also try placing a stuffed animal with your pup. The stuffed animal will seem like a litter mate. If you purchased him from a breeder, have the breeder rub a piece of cloth on the mother and other litter mates to give him their scent. You can also add a piece of your clothing to his bed. Because his mom and siblings gave warmth to your pup, consider wrapping a hot-water bottle in a towel and placing it in his bed.


Crying probably occurs more at night than during the day. Before bedtime, play with your pup until he becomes tired. Take him out for a potty break just before bedtime. Consider putting his bed or crate in your bedroom for the first few nights. Take him out to potty once or twice overnight. Don't play with him once he's supposed to be sleeping, so he will learn nighttime is quiet time.

If your little pal cries during the day, keep him in a room where he can see you. Leave the room for short periods. If he cries, wait until the crying stops before coming back.

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