How to Teach Bettas Tricks

Besides being beautiful, with their large, colorful fins, betta fish are also among the most intelligent types of fish. Teaching a betta a few tricks is time-consuming and requires consistency, but the payoff is hours of fun for you and your betta.

Jumping for Food

Place his food on the end of a coffee stirrer or popsicle stick. Lower it into the water and be careful to avoid any fast movements that might scare him. Continue doing this for several days so he begins to associate the stick with feeding time.

Begin raising the stick a few inches higher each day, until it is resting on the top of the water. Feed him this way for several days.

Lift the stick, with food on it, a few inches above the water at his regular feeding time. Watch as he jumps to grab the food. Once he is accustomed to jumping to take the food from the stick, you can start holding the food in your fingers and allowing him to jump up and take it.

Flare on Command

Place a small mirror in front of his tank so that he can see it well. Because he will think he is seeing another betta, he will flare his fins in response. Once he flares, reward him with a bit of food.

Place the mirror in front of him several times a day, but now add a pen to the equation. Hold the pen in front of the mirror so he sees it as well. Be sure to use the same pen each time so that he will recognize it. Every time he flares, reward him with a food treat.

Place only the pen in front of the tank once he is flaring at the pen and mirror consistently. He will still associate the pen with the other betta and flare his fins on command.

Items you will need

  • Betta food
  • Coffee stirrer
  • Mirror
  • Pen

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Brought to you by Cuteness