Tasty Treats You Can Feed to Your Budgie

Even your budgie likes a break from boring seeds.
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Native to the wilds of Australia, budgies enjoy eating a wide variety of foods. Plain seeds are boring to your little bird, and she may flick them all over your house in protest. Check with your avian veterinarian before modifying your feathered friend’s diet.


Fruits are a no-brainer for your little budgie. In their natural habitat, budgies nibble on native fruits including kiwi and mango. These fruits can be fed to your budgie in small quantities to expand her palette and give her a break from mundane seeds. Other fruits, such as apples, peaches, melons and strawberries, are healthy alternatives to native fruits. Wash each fruit thoroughly and remove any seeds before feeding them to your feathered friend.


While most wild budgies enjoy a variety of greens, domesticated birds don’t often get the chance to sample vegetables. A few small bits of veggies once a week is a fun treat for your bird, and it offers extra vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in her normal seed mixture. Spinach, little pieces of broccoli and corn kernels are tasty and healthy snacks for your budgie. Wash the veggies under cool running water, pat dry and chop into small pieces before feeding.


In the wild, budgies often snack on small insects as a source of protein. Budgies can thrive on a seed-based diet, but many enthusiasts enjoy giving their birds small bits of cooked meat or egg as a tasty treat. Small chunks of boiled chicken or tuna canned in water are safe for your bird, as are mashed bits of hard-boiled chicken eggs. Limit your budgie’s protein intake to a fingertip-sized nibble every two weeks to prevent digestive issues.


Budgies need hard treats to keep their toenails and beaks in proper condition, and cuttlebones are ideal treats for your little bird. These hard chews are made from the calcified internal shell of the cuttlefish and provide your bird with proper levels calcium and minerals. Attach the cuttlebone firmly to your bird’s cage and replace worn bones when they crack or splinter.

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