Taking Care of Ears for Yorkies & Poodles

Keep your dog's ears healthy with a few simple techniques.
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Ear problems are very common in dogs. Poodles and Yorkies are especially vulnerable because they have hair in and around their ear canals that can trap moisture, increasing the risk of ear infections. Luckily, with a little maintenance and care your pooch can avoid bothersome ear problems.

Step 1

Clean your dog’s ears every time you give him a bath. Use a clean warm washcloth and gently remove any excess wax and debris from the insides of his ears. You can also put a small amount of mineral oil on a cotton ball to clean the the ear canals. Don't stick any hard object, like a cotton swab, into the ear canal.

Step 2

Wash your dog’s ears once a month with equal parts white vinegar and water to avoid ear problems. Pour this solution gently into the ear and massage the ear area to move the solution around. Then gently wipe the outer ear canal with cotton balls. The white vinegar will dry the moisture in your dog’s ears and prevent yeast and bacteria from growing.

Step 3

Take your pooch to the groomer regularly to remove excess hairs that can cause ear problems. The groomer will trim and remove hairs that trap excess moisture and block or restrict airflow to the ear canal.

Step 4

Inspect your dog’s ears regularly to make sure no problems are present. At least once a week, raise your pet’s ear flap and look for any foreign material, debris or moisture that could cause infections. Healthy ears should be a fleshy pink and have no odor.

Step 5

Keep your dog's ears dry to help maintain healthy, happy ears. Frequent exposure to water can lead to ear irritation and infection, so put a cotton ball in your dog’s ears before baths or water activities and dry his ears thoroughly afterward to ward off excess moisture.

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