Suction Cup Tricks for a Freshwater Aquarium

The larger your aquarium is, the more important it is for all your tank equipment to function correctly.
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As a fish enthusiast, you know the suction cups that fasten your aquarium equipment to your tank walls are essential to keeping your aquarium running smoothly. Unfortunately, it's normal for aquarium suction cups to lose suction. The good news is it won't take long to fix a malfunctioning suction cup.

Getting Good Suction

Your suction cups will work best when you place them onto clean, dry glass. When you first put your suction cups on the aquarium wall, make sure the area you are placing the cups in is dry and completely free of dirt and debris. Water behind your suction cups will prevent them from sticking to the glass properly and will ultimately cause them to come loose from the aquarium wall.

Clean Your Suction Cups

Over the course of time, algae and other debris will build up on the walls of your aquarium. You may not be able to see the debris that is preventing your suction cups from sticking, but that does not mean it's not there. You can wash the suction cups for your aquarium by using an aquarium-safe cleaning product you purchased from your local pet supply store, or you can soak them in vinegar and then scrub them with a washcloth. Once the suction cups are clean, rinse them thoroughly with clean water and replace them on your aquarium walls.

Replace Your Suction Cups

Suction cups do wear out over time. Do not expect a suction cup to last forever. If you notice your suction cups keep losing suction, even after you have cleaned them and applied them to a clean, dry surface, then you need to purchase a new set.

Magnetic Suction Cups

Magnetic aquarium suction cups are designed for the fish enthusiasts who do not want to deal with traditional suction cups. Magnetic suction cups use magnets to hold the suction cups in place, preventing slipping and a loss of suction.

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