How to Stop a Poodle From Biting

A poodle can do damage if it bites you.
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Correcting aggressive behavior in your poodle will improve the quality of life for both you and your dog. An aggressive, biting dog is a nuisance at best and a danger at worst. Poodles are not generally considered aggressive dogs but may behave aggressively due to poor training or personality problems. It is your responsibility to work with your dog to overcome his biting problem as well as to protect other people and animals from your biting poodle.

Step 1

Properly socialize your dog. Socialization is most effective at curbing bad behaviors when your dog is a puppy and before he has established a pattern of aggressiveness. With that said, most poodles will be aggressive because they either think they are dominant or they are afraid. Proper socialization will help cut down on both of these reactions and can be useful in teaching your dog to interact appropriately without biting.

Step 2

Enroll your poodle in obedience school and work with a professional dog trainer who is familiar with poodle's unique personalities and understands how to relate to these highly intelligent dogs. Work with your trainer to teach your dog to respond appropriately to people. Curing the biting problem through training is more useful long term than simply taking measures to stop the actual bites from occurring.

Step 3

Be proactive about preventing your poodle from biting anyone. As the owner of a biting dog you absolutely have to keep him contained 100 percent of the time. Put up signs around your property warning that you have an aggressive dog. Keep your dog within a fence and if you have company coming over and are concerned your dog may react aggressively, kennel him where he will not pose a danger to your guest. If you take your dog out in public, he should be on a leash and if necessary, muzzled.

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