How to Stop a Pomeranian From Barking

Your Pom is intelligent, energetic and alert.

Your Pom is intelligent, energetic and alert.

Your Pom is intelligent, energetic and aware of his surroundings. An extrovert by nature, he is inquisitive and brash, and he wants to be in control. He may bark when strangers arrive, and he may bark to get your attention. Your Pom needs to know that you are the boss.

Discover what is causing your dog's barking. The Pom is wary of strangers and may bark whenever new people are around. He is also protective of his family, so he may bark when he hears noises outside or when someone rings the doorbell. He loves attention and may bark if you ignore him. If he wants a treat or toy, he may bark, as well. Because of pent-up energy, your precious Pom may bark because he doesn't know what else to do.

Create a walking regimen. Poms are curious by nature and love to walk. This is a time for him to explore the world. By using a retractable leash, you can find areas where he can stretch out the leash and satisfy his curious nature. If you can't walk with him every day, make sure you plan play time. Toss a ball or toy for him to catch. Poms love company and energetic play. Plenty of exercise may stop him from frequent barking.

Exert your position as pack leader. Celebrity dog behaviorist Cesar Milan talks about creating an invisible wall with your Pom. When he barks, step in front of him and don't move. You are creating what Milan calls "calm, assertive energy." Because of his boldness and extrovert personality, the Pomeranian must learn a "calm-submissive state", according to Milan, so don’t move until he has quieted down.

Choose among three possible corrections. Besides creating the invisible wall, give your Pom a stern look, a sound or a soft physical touch. When he starts to bark, give him the correction. A physical touch is a tap or poke on his body. A sound is a verbal command, such as "shh" or a click with your tongue. If you use a stern look, make eye contact and hold your position.

Items you will need

  • Retractable leash
  • Puppy toys


  • Socialize your Pomeranian when he is a puppy to make him apt to bark at strangers.
  • Isolate him from others, if he will not stop barking. Poms do not like separation. Give him five minutes in a room with the door closed.
  • If his barking results from viewing outside activity, remove the stimulus by closing the curtain.


  • Don't give your Pom a treat when he barks. You are rewarding the bad behavior.

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