How to Stop Your Miniature Schnauzer From Chewing

I'm bored. What can I chew now?
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If you frequently come home from work to find a mass of shredded newspaper and a broken remote control, you cannot blame your miniature schnauzer because you left the items out. Providing him with a variety of toys and exercise with alleviate this troublesome chewing.

Step 1

Pick up all chewable items around the house and place them out of reach of your miniature schnauzer. Place items on tall shelves where he cannot climb to or reach them.

Step 2

Designate a “toy box” for your mini schnauzer to hold his toys, such as a small, soft pet bed without foam filling. Consider that the toy box will more than likely be chewed also. Choosing a fabric bed allows you to wash it occasionally.

Step 3

Fill the toy box with dog toys, bones, rope toys, hollow chew toys and nylon bones. Choose a variety of toys with different textures and thicknesses to allow his exploring mouth a smorgasbord of learning.

Step 4

Place peanut butter in a hollow chew toy and hide it in the bottom of his toy box. Rummage through the toys with him and allow him to find the toy and enjoy the peanut butter treat while giving him a lot of praise.

Step 5

Play with the allowable dog toys with your pooch. It instills positive behavior if he knows that you will play with the items with him.

Step 6

Remove a non-allowable item from his mouth if he happens to find one. Replace it with a toy that he can play with and then praise him for his positive actions.

Step 7

Tell him “No chew” if he decides the table legs need some customization from his sharp teeth. Then either lead him to his toy box for a good toy or offer one to him. As soon as he accepts the toy, give him lots of praise and possibly a dog treat.

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