How to Stop Dogs From Urinating on Plants

Dogs can quickly destroy a beautiful garden.
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House training isn't the only elimination problem pet owners face. A fully house trained dog can still wreak havoc if he's urinating on all of your plants. By taking advantage of your dog's territoriality, you can encourage him to go in a more appropriate location.

Urination Location Training

Dogs are territorial creatures of habit, and will frequently urinate in the same location over and over. Take advantage of this fact and teach your dog to urinate in the same place. Take him outside every two to three hours to the chosen spot. When he goes to the bathroom, click a training clicker and give him a treat, along with lots of praise. Repeat this exercise several times each day for two to three weeks.


Dogs tend to urinate in places that smell like urine, so removing the urine smell in and around your plants can help solve the problem. Spray your plants with a plant-safe urine odor remover. Many garden stores also sell pet deterrents that you can spray directly onto your plants to discourage urination.

Giving Alternatives

Dogs are highly territorial animals, and males are especially likely to mark their territory by urinating on raised objects. Provide your dog with an outlet for this behavior in a more appropriate location and he may stop urinating on plants. Try putting a stake in the ground and reward your dog every time he goes in this location.

Correcting Mistakes

If you catch your dog urinating on plants, don't yell or punish him. Instead, encourage him to move to a more appropriate location. If he goes there as well, click the training clicker and give him a treat. Catching your dog in the act is a great opportunity to teach him a more appropriate behavior.

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