How to Stop Dogs from Soiling Rugs

Soiling the home can become a bad habit for adult dogs.
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Dogs typically soil the house because of incomplete house-training or due to immaturity. If your puppy is over 6 months old and still having accidents, the reason is unlikely to be immaturity. Finishing the training process will make your pup reliable and trustworthy in the house.

Step 1

Visit the veterinarian. Before you go crazy trying to break your dog's soiling habit, make sure she doesn't have a medical condition. Dogs may urinate in the house because of incontinence, urinary tract infections or a weak bladder. They may void in the house if the food they are eating doesn't agree with them, causing an upset stomach.

Step 2

Clean the rug. The fact that your pet has chosen a specific spot to repeatedly soil probably means you are not cleaning the area well enough. The slight scent left behind encourages your pet to choose this spot over and over again. Use an enzymatic cleaner and odor eliminator to clean the area, following the directions on the bottle.

Step 3

Take your dog outside frequently. Select one area of your yard as the designated potty area. Visit the area when she wakes up, after meals, and after each training and play session.

Step 4

Keep your dog close to you in the house. The goal is to catch any accidents before they happen. If you cannot pay attention to your dog at a particular time, put her in her crate.

Step 5

Catch her when she starts to have an accident. Do not yell, simply say, "No" firmly, and take her directly to her outside spot.

Step 6

Reward her for successfully using her outside spot with a special treat she gets only at that time.

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