How to Stop Dogs From Picking on Each Other

Work with your dogs to help them behave around each other.
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Anyone with more than two dogs may find himself refereeing conflicts between those dogs. Even dogs that get along well will sometimes exchange barks, growls and menacing behavior. If the arguments are a frequent occurrence, or the escalate, it's time to step in.

Step 1

Spend time obedience-training your dogs. Ten to 15 minutes most days of the week should be enough to teach your dog that you are the boss, and he should respect and listen to you. When all your dogs look to you as their leader, they will be less inclined to jockey for position among themselves.

Step 2

Use a drag leash until you trust your dogs to leave each other alone. A drag leash is a training lead connected to a flat-buckle collar. You leave the leash on all the time, making it easy to grab your pup if he tries to start trouble.

Step 3

Provide separate food areas for your pets, as well as enough soft spots to lie in. Fighting over resources is a prime reason for disagreements to develop.

Step 4

Separate your dogs when you are away. You never know what small slight may instigate a larger dogfight. Use crates or put your dogs in different rooms when you aren't home to supervise.

Step 5

Express your displeasure at bad behavior. When one dog starts picking on the other, give a quick jerk on the drag lead and tell him "No," so he will realize that picking on another dog is unacceptable. Do not rush to comfort your other dog, as this can create more competition between the two.

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