How to Stop Dogs From Eliminating in Yards

Doggies making your yard into a giant toilet?

Doggies making your yard into a giant toilet?

Dogs invading your yard and using it as their own toilet? Having to clean up after your own dogs is not pleasant, but having to also pick up what strange dogs leave behind? Once you're done throwing a fit and screaming at the world, it's time to take action.

Close up your yard so dogs can't enter your property. If you set up a fence -- even if it's just chicken wire set up around your yard -- you're good to go. Although very persistent dogs will find a way to jump over a fence, most will simply go find another yard to use as a bathroom. Can't afford a fence? How about planting bushes or thorny plants all around the property? Although not foolproof, these might still deter the dogs from walking right in.

Install motion-activated sprinklers around the yard. Choose one with a powerful shot, so when it goes on, it either gives a dog the scare of his life or it gets him completely wet. Make sure the water reaches all around your property, so the dogs can't simply move somewhere else in your yard.

Create your own "natural" fence by circling your property with a natural dog repellent. Dogs don't like the smell of ammonia, vinegar and rubbing alcohol. They also dislike chili pepper because it can cause irritation in the nose -- which dogs always use to smell the area about to be used as a bathroom. Dogs sneaking in anyway? Sprinkle or spray more of this in different corners of the yard to keep them away.


  • Trying to prevent your own dog from eliminating in your own yard? Get into the habit of walking him 2 or 3 times a day. If he learns to associate walking with going to the bathroom, he might stop using your own yard as his toilet.

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