How to Stop Dogs Destroying the House While Away

Play with your dog to help burn excess energy.
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Your dog may destroy the house when he is home alone because he doesn't know better, because he is lonely and anxious, or because he has excess energy. Regardless of the reason for the destruction, it is possible to put a stop to it.

Step 1

Keep your home picked up. Some of the responsibility of good behavior is with you. If there is a pile of shoes by the door, trash cans without lids in easy reach and other temptations around, it will be difficult to teach your pup to obey the rules.

Step 2

Provide toys that are clearly toys. Most dogs enjoy rope bones and hard rubber chew toys. If you allow your dog to play with old shoes or stuffed animals, it's not fair or realistic to expect him to leave your other belongings alone. Provide him with his own toys, and if he seems interested in other household items, take them away and give him his toy.

Step 3

Give your dog with plenty of exercise. Letting him into your fenced backyard or taking him on brief walks so he can relieve himself is not enough. Take him for several long walks during the day or play active games, like fetch. This provides physical activity that will make it easier for him to behave when he is in the house and strengthen the bond between you and your pet, which can ease feelings of anxiety.

Step 4

Spray furniture legs, baseboards or other areas your pet seems to enjoy chewing with a taste deterrent spray.

Step 5

Supervise your dog closely. By paying attention to him while you are home, he will quickly learn what is allowed in the house. If he can chew on the corner of a rug for 30 minutes before you notice and chastise him, however, it may take several episodes for him to realize that this is a no-no.

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