How to Stop a Dog From Eating Baseboards

Chew toys and play time will reduce destructive chewing.
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Chewing is normal dog behavior, which is not what you want to hear if you have a dog chewing your baseboards. Fortunately, you can redirect your dog's behavior with patience and effort. Once their attention, exercise and chewing needs are met, most dogs will not find baseboards particularly appealing.

Step 1

Exercise your dog daily. Many behavior issues are solved by providing regular exercise. Even if you have a fenced yard, don't assume your pup will exercise hard enough to wear himself out. Daily walks, visits to a local dog park or games of fetch will take the edge off and make it easier for your dog to behave.

Step 2

Provide alternative items to chew. Just because your dog has a chew toy doesn't mean he likes it. Some dogs prefer a hard surface, such as a nylon bone, while others prefer a firm rubber, such as Kong toys, and still others prefer the tightly twisted rope bones.

Step 3

Use a taste deterrent. Apply the taste deterrent to any areas your dog likes to chew, as well as the adjacent baseboards so he doesn't expand his range. Taste deterrents are effective and are typically safe on painted surfaces, although you can test the product on a small section first.

Step 4

Discipline, don't punish your dog when you catch him in the act of chewing. A firm "no" should be enough to make him stop what he is doing. Shaking him, smacking his nose, and other punishments will only make him more anxious.

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