How to Stop Crying Puppies at Night

A happy puppy is a quiet puppy.
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There is nothing cuter than a puppy, with its softness and puppy breath. That is, until bedtime comes around and the quiet puppy you snuggled with turns into a noisy nuisance. By taking a few steps, you can put a stop to bedtime noise and concentrate on enjoying your pup.

Step 1

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Take away all food and water several hours before you plan to put him to bed for the night. You will still most likely have to climb out of your comfortable bed at least once in the middle of the night to avoid facing a mess in the morning, but by removing his food you will prevent being awakened every few hours. Puppies have less control over their bladder and bowels than older dogs and need more frequent potty breaks. Go for one more bathroom break right before bedding down for the night.

Step 2

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Go for a long walk or play a game of tag or tug of war shortly before bedtime. A puppy that is full of energy is not going to be sleepy and will want to play instead. Providing proper exercise before bed will ensure that he is tired enough to settle down for a long nap when the time comes. And don't forget the added benefit of bonding with him through play and the stress relief you will get from some play time as well.

Step 3

Keep him in the same room with you, so he will not feel lonely. Dogs are pack animals and dislike being alone. However, do not allow him to sleep in your bed unless you intend to share it forever. Habits learned when a pup is young are very hard to break later. Placing his crate or bed near your bed is enough to make him feel like part of the pack.

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