Why Do Staffordshire Terrier Dogs Get Stiff Legs?

"AmStaff" is a loving abbreviation of the breed name.
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No two dog breeds are exactly the same, whether it comes to history, typical health concerns or anything else. Many breeds have predispositions to certain medical ailments. American Staffordshire terriers, for one, are particularly susceptible to canine hip dysplasia. Stiff legs are a common symptom of this congenital disorder.

Breed Background

American Staffordshire terriers are sturdy, sinewy and sporty canines who, in line with their naming, come from the United States. Mature males of the breed are usually a little taller than females, with typical shoulder heights of between 18 and 19 inches. The females usually grow to between 17 and 18 inches. Average weight for American Staffordshire terriers is usually anywhere from 57 to 67 pounds. Their coats can appear in all sorts of different colors, although they're never fully white.

Canine Hip Dysplasia and American Staffordshire Terriers

Canine hip dysplasia is one of the most common health ailments in the American Staffordshire terrier breed. One of the most telling indications of canine hip dysplasia is stiffness of the legs. If you notice that your pet's limbs seem particularly rigid and tense, dysplasia may b the culprit. This stiffness often results in a walking style comparable to jumping around on a single leg, due to the discomfort. Schedule a prompt veterinary appointment at the first sign of stiff legs or of any other worrying symptoms.

Other Signs of Canine Hip Dysplasia

The presence of other key symptoms of canine hip dysplasia can also be helpful to know. If your pooch's physique seems tense every time he attempts to rise, take notice. Other common signs of the condition are hobbling, lack of balance and reluctance regarding physical exercise -- all things that point to a necessary vet appointment. Not all dogs with dysplasia necessarily display any clear symptoms, though.

Other Breeds and Canine Hip Dysplasia

The stiff legs and discomfort of canine hip dysplasia are common in numerous other breeds. Some are English setters, German shepherds, Irish wolfhounds, standard poodles, Welsh corgis, Irish water spaniels and Labrador retrievers. Despite that, the disorder is a possibility in any kind of canine, regardless of size or gender. The condition is particularly prevalent in bigger pooches, however.

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