How to Spy on Your Dog

Collar cameras give you a dog's eye view on the world.
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Whether you suspect that Fido's misbehaving in your absence or you're just curious as to what he's up to during the day, there are many ways to spy remotely on him. Such surveillance can assist with training and lets you keep track of him, even when you're not physically present.

Web Camera

One of the easiest ways to observe your pooch during the day is to set up a web camera, commonly referred to as a webcam, in your home. These devices connect to the Internet through your router and feed real-time images of your pup's activities to a website that you can access with a password. Position the webcam in an area of your home that Fido frequents, such as near his crate or food and water dishes. You can even set up multiple cameras to monitor his activities all over your home. Because you can access the camera over the web, you can also spy on Fido using your smartphone as well.

Collar Camera

Attach a pet camera to Fido's collar if you want to see the world from his point of view, according to Animal Planet. These small devices can record video footage or take a series of pictures every few minutes for a set amount of time, which are then stored on the device for you to download onto your computer. While these types of devices won't give you real-time access to whatever Fido's doing, you can get an idea of the types of things around your home and yard he sees during the day just as he sees them. You can also observe what he does at doggie daycare or with a dog walker during the day as well.

Other Solutions

Set up a video camera to record Fido's daily activities in your home or leave a voice recorder on to see if your pup is barking incessantly while you're away. You can also set up a simple baby monitor or close-circuit security camera to keep an eye on your pup when he's in another room or in your yard. Hands-free walkie talkies give you a way to monitor Fido in another room, plus you have the option of speaking to him through the device. For a low-tech solution, simply leave your home as you normally would and peak in through your window to watch your pooch's behavior and see what he does when he's all by himself.


Spying on your dog can help you solve problems with inappropriate urination, destructive chewing and excessive barking due to separation anxiety when your pup's alone, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Video surveillance cameras placed in your yard help you monitor your pup's safety if your pup can access the yard through a pet door. Some video surveillance systems even offer you two-way communication through a webcam with a speaker, giving you a chance to discipline Fido from your office. If you enroll your pup in doggie daycare, ask the administrators if pet webcams are available to check in on Fido during the day to see what he's up to; many facilities offer this service.

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