What Sorts of Toys Can I Make for My Pet Finches?

Keep some toys in your finch's cage for entertainment.
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Don't let your finch get bored and frustrated. Make sure you always have two or three toys to keep him busy and happy. Create your own toys from things you have around the house. Mr. Finch will love homemade bird toys as much or even more than store-bought ones.


Make easy bird swings for your finches. One idea is to attach one end of a chenille stem to one side of a wooden perch. Slide plastic pony beads onto the stem until it is covered, then attach the loose end to the other side of the perch. If you want, you can leave the beads off the chenille stem and allow your finch to pick at the fuzzy chenille with his beak. You can also make a swing from a recycled lollipop stick and colorful paper clips. Push a paper clip onto each end of the lollipop stick. Squeeze the paper clips until they fit tightly around the stick. Loop paper clips onto the ones already in place until you get the length you want for your swing. Hook the top paper clip on each side onto a wire at the top of the cage to attach the swing.


Keep at least one finch bell toy inside his cage. Braid three strands of yarn or plastic lacing together, or use old shoestrings. Thread a bell onto one end of each of the strands, and tie the strands to hold the bell on. Tie the top end of the braided hanger onto the wire on the side or top of the bird cage. Make a peek-a-boo bell toy by tying a string onto the bell, then slipping a cardboard egg carton section over the string to cover the bell. Tie the toy in the cage and watch your finch pick the cardboard apart while she is enjoying the bell sound.


Cut a six-section plastic soda can holder in half to make two 3-section pieces. Tie the two pieces together to make a long ladder-like toy. Recycle baby teething rings or attaching ring toys. Simply slip the rings together at the open slot in the rings, or tie them together with string. Craft sticks make great ladders, too. You can tie the sticks in ladder-style with chenille stems, yarn or heavy string. Leave about 2 inches between each "rung" in the craft stick ladder. Hang your ladders from the top or side of the cage, leaving plenty of room for your pet to fly inside the cage.

Paper Toys

Make toys from paper. Fan-fold a piece of paper about 3 inches wide and up to 1 foot long. Tie the folded paper in the center of the 3-inch width and hang it from the cage wire. You can also just crumple up white paper and toss it inside the cage for Miss Finch to tear apart. Non-waxed paper cups or pieces of paper plates, as well as cardboard tubes, also make great toys for your pet to shred.

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