How to Solve a Dachshund's Chewing

Regular exercise burns off your dachsie's excess energy.
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Dacshies make cute pets and loyal companions. They also have a tendency to get anxious, especially when left alone. Anxiety or boredom can lead them to chew the wrong things. The key to reducing chewing behavior is reducing your dog's stress levels.

Step 1

Exercise your dachshund regularly. This will burn off physical energy, and it will help your dog relax both mentally and physically. Although their legs are short, dachsies need a lot of exercise -- at least 30 minutes of active play or walking per day. You can split the exercise up into multiple sessions, perhaps one in the morning and one in the evening.

Step 2

Give your dog appropriate toys or snacks that he is allowed to chew. Rawhide dog chews provide a long-lasting chewing experience, and they help clean a dachshund's teeth. Dachsies have a tendency to develop poor dental health, so chewing will help. Dog toys are also appropriate and helpful for a dachshund to chew.

Remember that dog chews contain calories, and that should be factored into your dog's overall daily food intake. If dachshunds eat too many calories each day, they can gain weight and strain their backs.

Step 3

Dissuade your sausage dog from inappropriate chewing. If your dog starts chewing something he is not allowed to -- for example, your running shoe -- tell him "No" and remove the object. You can squirt your hound with a water pistol to dissuade him from chewing. Immediately after removing the object, guide your dachshund to an appropriate dog chew or toy. Praise and reward him for redirecting his chewing behavior.

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