Solutions for Dogs When It's Too Rainy or Cold to Pee Outside

Teaching your dog to use the commode on rainy days probably isn't an option.
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Beau doesn’t want to go outside to pee when it’s rainy or cold, but dogs gotta go when dogs gotta go, and you don’t want him making messes in the house. If you don’t plan to make him go outside, then you must provide him with somewhere to potty.

Use an Ex-Pen on a Tile or Concrete Floor

Think of an exercise pen (or ex-pen) as a metal wire or plastic playpen for dogs. Its eight panels measure 24 inches wide and either 24, 30, 36, 48 or 60 inches high. Choose an ex-pen at least 6 to 12 inches taller than your dog measures when standing on its hind legs to keep him inside. The ex-pen’s panels are hinged to form a straight line, rather than a box, and can be placed in all kinds of convenient shapes to fill a space. Your ex-pen comes with metal clasps, so that the sides can be closed.

Set up your ex-pen on a tiled or concrete floor, such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, and line the floor in and under the pen with towels or newspapers to absorb any liquids and to keep the pen from scratching the floor. After Beau has eaten or when he starts sniffing the floor to find a place to go, put him in the ex-pen and let him do his business. If you don’t want to buy an ex-pen, using a baby gate to keep him in a small area to potty is a good alternative.

Paper or Pad Training

Start teaching Beau to use papers, using the “can’t miss” process of, um, elimination. Spread papers from side to side in his ex-pen or in a place where the floor will not be damaged by pee or poop. Bring him to this space at least five times each day when you are home and keep him confined to that paper-lined space when you are away or asleep. Over time, usually in a week or so, it will become obvious where Beau prefers to potty. Begin to remove the papers, a section or two at a time, starting on the opposite side of the pen from him, until paper remains only in his preferred area. Don’t be afraid to backtrack and replace sections if he starts to “miss” the papers you’ve left. Once he is trained you can take him out as usual and put down the papers when needed.

Litter Pan

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If Beau has been paper trained, then you can teach him to use a litter pan. Purchase a pan specifically made for dogs and put it in his preferred indoor potty place. Line the bottom of the pan with paper or potty pads. When he is comfortable using the lined pan, you can gradually add your preferred type of litter. Adding a post to the center of a pan gives male dogs something at which to aim.

Other Alternatives

If you choose not to go the route of long-term training, you might consider diapers for your dog. They are available in all sizes, and are designed for easy cleaning and washing. If rain water or snow is preventing Beau from walking outside, then you also might consider boots and a waterproof jacket.

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