Small Dogs That Don't Bark Much

Some small dogs would rather follow you around than bark at the neighbors.
i Curious Pug, focus on mouth and whiskers area of face. image by Paul Hill from

Small dogs are known for their loud bark, often referred to as yapping. However, not all small dogs are constant barkers. In fact, the Basenji does not bark. Three other small dogs that don't bark often are the pug, Japanese Chin and the Havanese.


Sturdy, small, affectionate, energetic, playful and happy all are words that describe this companion and family dog. The Havanese commonly is referred to as a Velcro pet because he always wants to be beside you and will follow you from room to room. If you're sitting on the sofa, he is sitting next to you. He's a watchdog and will bark to alert you of visitors and strange noises, but his bark is not constant. Although he is quiet most of the time, he loves to join in on any family activity.

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is known for his cat-like characteristics. Diminutive in size, the Japanese Chin has meticulous cleaning habits, uses his front paws to bat at the air, and has a skill for jumping as if he is a real cat. He is intelligent, sensitive -- a lap dog and true companion. His bark is a quiet, little bark to notify you when a stranger is at the door. However, this pup does not have a constant bark. Once the stranger is inside, he is aloof and reserved.


The Pug is a lot of dog in a small, compact body. He is comical, loving and will follow you all over the house. He is curious, stubborn and almost human when trying to communicate. If you want to carry on a conversation and laugh, talk to a Pug. He will cock his head and seem interested in what you have to say. His sounds are mostly snorts and sneezes. He's not a good watchdog, but he can bark occasionally. Few Pugs are constant barkers. They would rather sleep than alert you to what is happening outside.


If you want a dog who is playful and active, but doesn't bark, the Basenji is a perfect choice. Instead of barking, he yodels. The strange howl occurs when he is excited. His other sounds include squeaks, cries and loud yawns. However, he can sound out a one-syllable woof. The Basenji loves to be petted and hugged, and will follow you around. He's quizzical, comical and will greet you every time you walk through the door.

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