How to Get a Silky Terrier's Hair to Grow

Grow your silky terrier's hair out with a few simple techniques.
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Silky terriers are well known for their long, smooth, glossy coats that hang from their back and sides. Some terriers, however, may have difficulty attaining a long coat. If your pooch is struggling to grow her hair out, you can help.

Step 1

Feed your silky terrier a high-quality dog food rich in vitamins and nutrients. Make sure you select one appropriate for your dog’s size and weight. Dog food fortified with vitamins and minerals will help keep your dog’s skin oily and healthy for ideal hair growth.

Step 2

Brush your silky daily with a dog grooming brush to help stimulate hair growth. Gently brush your dog’s hair several times at least once per day, moving from front to back and along her legs to remove dead hair and stimulate hair follicles.

Step 3

Supplement your dog's diet with some omega-3 fatty acids to increase hair growth. Omega-3 fatty acids support cell growth and can benefit your dog’s coat and skin. Add some to your dog’s food each day to promote healthier, shinier hair. Consult your vet first before starting your dog on any supplement.

Step 4

Give your silky some biotin to provide optimal conditions for hair growth. Biotin is a B complex vitamin that is essential for good skin and coat health in dogs. You can give your terrier biotin in pill form as directed on the label, or you can pour it over his food in a liquid form.

Step 5

Apply some apple cider vinegar to your terrier's coat after bathing to remove soap residues and improve hair condition. The natural acidity of vinegar and live enzymes is said to kill bacteria that cause flaking skin conditions that can clog hair follicles. Massage a generous amount into your dog’s coat after shampooing, rinse it out and let the hair air-dry.

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