Do Silky Terriers Get Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be a problem for some silky terriers.
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Silky terriers look like jumbo Yorkshire terriers. They tip the scales at 10 pounds, but they still have the same long, flowing locks. When you adopt a silky, be ready to add her grooming to your daily regimen and don't be surprised if she has a tendency toward dry skin.

The Silky Coat

Silky terriers are known for their long, silken hair. Their coats can grow up to six inches long and require daily attention to keep their silky coat looking good and their skin and hair healthy. If your silky terrier's hair isn't kept clean and free of mats it can change the condition of her skin and cause dry flaking or even a rash or infection.

Dry Skin And Other Problems

Dry skin on a silky terrier is usually a symptom of another issue. While the problem can be poor grooming, sometimes even a well-groomed silky can develop dry skin. Allergies, for instance, can cause your silky terrier's skin to become red and itchy, requiring treatment to control the symptoms and keep your dog's skin from becoming infected. One form of seborrhea will cause your silky's skin to become dry and flaky and can lead to yet another skin problem that plagues silky terriers: a yeast infection of the skin. If your silky develops a yeast infection an itchy rash will result. You'll see symptoms like flaky, crusty skin and an unmistakable, distinct odor.

Help For Dry Skin

You can take steps to keep your silky terrier's skin moisturized and healthy. An oatmeal bath, for instance, will soothe her skin and help it retain moisture. Another option is to talk to your vet about supplementing your dog's diet with fatty acids. They'll work to calm your pup's itchy skin and will keep her coat shiny, too. Don't look for immediate results with supplements, though. It can be up to two months before your silky's skin and coat show the benefits but they'll keep her healthy and looking good for the long haul.

Proper Grooming

You always have the option of having the groomer clip your silky terrier's long hair into a shorter style but if you keep your terrier's hair long it will require daily brushing to discourage tangling and matting. A daily brushing routine is the perfect opportunity to inspect your terrier's skin to make sure it isn't drying out or, if it is, to catch the problem early. A pin brush is the tool of choice for this task. Brush your terrier's coat in sections to ensure you don't miss any tangles and to allow you a thorough inspection of every inch of her skin.

When it comes to bathing, frequent baths may not be necessary, especially if your silky is prone to dry skin. Just like humans silky terriers have hair types and if your little one's hair is normal to dry you should choose a moisturizing shampoo when shopping for her grooming products. Silkies with extremely dry skin should have a medicated shampoo prescribed by the vet or at least have the vet recommend an over the counter shampoo. Conditioners are made to help bond moisture to the hair, but your little silky's dry skin will also benefit from a moisturizing conditioner.

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