How to Silence a Puppy

Puppies, like other babies, can be noisy.

Puppies, like other babies, can be noisy.

It is natural for dogs to bark, and puppies, who have much less life experience than adult dogs, are particularly prone to making noise. Regular attention from you and others in your home will teach your puppy that he doesn't need to bark all the time.

Decide on a command you will use to tell your dog to be quiet. "Hush," "enough" or another one-word term is good, but do not use the generic "no" -- you want a word that only means to stop barking. Use this command every time you want your dog to hush.

Use the command when your dog starts barking or howling. If he continues to make noise, get his attention through discipline. Two effective methods are rattle cans and squirt bottles of water. The rattle can is a soda can filled with several coins, with the top sealed with duct tape. Throw it near your pet when you ask him to be quiet. The noise should startle and distract him. If you choose to use a squirt bottle, spray him in the face once with plain water while telling him to be quiet.

Reward good behavior. When he's quiet, tell him he is good and give him a pat.

Stay consistent. You cannot discipline him for barking only when you are trying to watch television or sleep, and allow him to fuss at other times and expect him to learn the difference.

Items you will need

  • Rattle can (soda can, coins and duct tape) or spray bottle


  • Don't reassure your dog when he barks or howls. Soothing chatter, telling him it's OK and other similar behavior will make him think he has something to bark about. Give him a non-emotional correction and continue on with what you are doing.

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