Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Cuddling with your dog can help relax you for sleep.
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So long as it doesn't bother your sleep or cause poor behavior in your dog, you're perfectly free to let her sleep in your bed nightly or occasionally. If you're coupled, avoid relationship stress by coming to an agreement on this issue before you invite the dog onto the bed.


Nighttime gives you the chance to spend time with your dog, especially if you've been at work all day long. Sleeping together can have benefits for you and for your pup. Not every dog is ready for co-sleeping, however. Dogs with behavioral problems, those who cannot hold their bladder and those who are restless should not sleep with you until these issues are tackled.

Behavioral Considerations

If you let your pup sleep on your bed, she may come to see it as her terrain too. If she shows dominance behavior, such as growing if you try to get into bed, the sleeping arrangements aren't working. Seek help from a trusted trainer to modify her dominant behavior and prove that you're the boss. This may mean moving her into a separate dog bed.


If you have trouble falling asleep, you may actually sleep better by listening to the soothing sounds of your sleeping pup beside you. Her physical presence may help you feel safer. Likewise, if your pooch starts barking in the middle of the night and she's currently sleeping in another room, or if you discover she has a nighttime chewing habit, these behaviors may be calmed by sleeping closer to you.

Health Considerations

If you suffer from allergies, allow your sinuses to recover overnight by putting your pup in another room to sleep. If you use a HEPA air filter to remove dander from the bedroom and take this physical break from your pup, you'll feel better. If you're a light sleeper and your dog prefers to kick, scratch or snore in the night, you may have some restless nights. Before you head to an insomnia specialist, spend some nights without your dog in the bed to see if her restlessness causes your sleep problems.

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