Short Hair Cuts for Dogs

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If you have a long-haired pooch, you might want to give him a trim, either to keep him cool in warm weather or so you can spend less time brushing him. Any of these short hair cuts will keep your canine friend looking cute as a button.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut, sometimes known as the teddy bear cut, is a short style where your dog's coat is clipped to the same short length all over. The coat is usually cut to between one and two inches, depending on personal preference. This includes your pup's head, face, legs and tail. It is so called because many long-haired breeds have shorter coats when they're puppies, so this style is reminiscent of their puppy coats.

Lamb Trim

The lamb trim is very similar to a puppy cut, but has a few striking differences. The coat is cut shorter all over, usually to around half an inch or less. Some people choose to leave the legs slightly longer than the rest of the coat. You also have the choice of how to trim your dog's head and tail. You can trim them to the same length as the rest of his coat, leave them slightly longer, or completely natural. This cut is called the lamb trim, as it is popular with curly-haired dogs, making them look like little lambs.

Lion Cut

The lion cut is especially popular for Pomeranians, chows and Portuguese water dogs, but will work on any long-haired breed. It originated in 17th century Portugal, and was designed so fishing dogs and water retrievers wouldn't get weighed down by their heavy coats. A dog with a lion cut will be trimmed very short all over, apart from his head and neck, and small tufts over each paw and at the tip of the tail. Turn your doggie friend into your very own lion.

Continental Cut

The continental cut is the iconic poufy poodle cut, but there is no reason why it can't be used on other breeds. For this cut, your dog's legs and rear half will be shaved short, and his front half and chest will be cut slightly longer. His face will be shaved, but his head left natural. He will have round pom-poms cut about each paw and at the tip of his tail.

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