How to Rinse Out a Dog's Eye

Rinsing your dog's eyes can help reduce the risk of eye infections.

Rinsing your dog's eyes can help reduce the risk of eye infections.

Rinsing out your dog's eyes can help prevent infection, remove irritating debris and reduce tear stains around the eyes. A basic eyewash can help you quickly clean your dog's eyes.

Wipe the area around your dog's eyes with a warm, damp washcloth. Avoid rubbing the eyes or putting the washcloth in the eyes. The cloth simply helps to loosen debris so the eyewash can work more effectively.

Drop two to three drops of the eyewash directly into your dog's eyes. Depending upon the package instructions, you may need to hold your dog's eyes shut for a few seconds or rub the eyes toward the tear ducts. To quickly drop the eyewash in your dog's eyes, gently pull down on the lower lid and drop in this area.

Give your dog a handful of treats. This teaches her to have a positive association with getting her eyes cleaned and will make her less likely to be fearful the next time you need to wash out her eyes.

Items you will need

  • Washcloth
  • Dog eyewash
  • Dog treats


  • If your dog is rubbing her eyes, the eyes are irritated or there is an object in your dog's eyes, consult your veterinarian. An eyewash is a preventative tool and will not eliminate infections and other eye problems.

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