How to Get Rid of Tear Duct Stains in Persian Cats

Cleaning your kitty's eyes daily should eliminate reappearing stains.
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Persians, with their large eyes and flat faces, are prone to constant tearing and mucus discharge. The brown liquid stains the hair around their eyes and nose, making them look sick, old or unkempt. Daily maintenance keeps stains from appearing, but you will need to clean any old ones first.

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap to remove any dirt or germs; a Persian's eyes are somewhat fragile, and can easily be infected if touched by dirty hands.

Step 2

Trim or clip the hair around your cat's eyes and nose first; this will eliminate some of the dirty hair. It will also lessen the amount of hair that gets gummed up from the eye discharge in the future, and reduce staining.

Step 3

Wipe your Persian's eyes with a clean, soft tissue so that you are working with dry eyes.

Step 4

Pour a small amount of liquid boric acid—which is safe as an eye wash—onto a cotton square, such as the kind used for removing makeup. It should be heavily moist, but not dripping.

Step 5

Rub the square over the cat's closed eye to clean the stain, pushing gently to make sure the liquid boric acid makes contact. Use the square once; then prepare a second one to wipe over the eye stain again. The squares can be torn in half if they are large enough. Continue this procedure until the stain is gone.

Step 6

Repeat the process with the second eye, rubbing the liquid boric acid against the eye stain until it has disappeared. Saturate a square with warm water and wipe kitty's eyes to remove any residue from the eye wash.

Step 7

Clean the area around and below the eyes with cotton balls soaked in clean, warm water twice a day after the staining is removed, to keep stains from reappearing.

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