Revolution Flea Treatment for Kittens

Revolution can help your kitten be rid of fleas.
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Nothing bugs your kitty -- pun intended -- quite like fleas. These pesky parasites cause itching, irritation, allergic dermatitis and other problems for our feline friends, and they're notoriously hard to get rid of. Revolution is a possible remedy and preventive for your kitten, but only with your vet's approval.


Revolution is a topical parasite control product for pets. A product is available for your kitten, but it's only approved for use on her once she's at least 8 weeks old. Don't use the product on your kitty if she's younger than that, and never use it without your vet's OK. Revolution is Pfizer's brand name for selamectin, the active ingredient. This chemical kills adult fleas and prevents their eggs from hatching, making it an effective product for disrupting the flea life cycle and ending infestations. The selamectin in Revolution also kills ear mites, prevents heartworm disease and treats roundworm and hookworm infections.


Your vet should advise you on using Revolution flea control on your little kitty. Also, read the manufacturer's directions and warnings before applying the product on your new feline friend. Dosage is determined by your kitty's weight, and packages are color-coded and labeled for cats by weight. The standard dose is 2.7 mg selamectin per pound of body weight. Assuming you bought the correct color-coded product, you'll use one pre-dosed tube at a time. If your kitty weighs up to 5 pounds, standard use calls for one 15 mg tube from the mauve box. If your kitten weighs 5.1 to 15 pounds, standard use calls for one 45 mg tube from the blue box.


Again, your vet and the product label are your guides for safely and successfully using Revolution for flea treatment on your kitten. The package instructions detail how to use the pre-dosed tube applicators, and your vet can also demonstrate proper application technique. Standard usage for flea control is once monthly, starting one month before flea season kicks off. This should prevent flea infestations. If fleas are present at the time of use, almost all adults should die off within 36 hours, and none of the existing eggs should hatch. Keep in mind that the application won't kill off fleas on untreated pets or elsewhere in the environment, but it should keep them off your kitten for up to one month.


Revolution is generally well-tolerated by cats. Fewer than 1 percent of kitties suffer some minor digestive upset following use. There's also about a 1 percent chance your kitty will experience some temporary irritation or hair loss at sites of application. Revolution has been tested on and found safe in more than 15 different mixed and pure cat breeds. While it's been tested on and found safe in pregnant and lactating cats, it's not proven safe for kittens younger than 8 weeks of age. Overdose of up to 10 times the recommended dose hasn't been seen to cause adverse reactions, but ingestion may cause vomiting and excess salivation. Keep Revolution out of your kitty's reach and contact your vet if she happens to ingest some. Don't use this product if your kitty is sick, weak or malnourished. Store the package below 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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