How to Retrain a Chihuahua to Use Puppy Pads at an Older Age

Older dogs can be more challenging to train because their habits are ingrained.
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Teaching your adult dog how to use puppy pads can be a bit of challenge if he is used to going to the bathroom in certain places or at specific times. However, as your dog ages he may not be able to hold his bladder all day while he waits for you to come home from your job. Puppy pads may bring him welcome relief once he gets used to them. You can teach most older Chihuahuas how to use puppy pads if you spend enough time and effort on the training.

Step 1

Figure out where your dog is going to the bathroom now. If he's taken to urinating in the middle of your living room floor, you aren't going to have a problem figuring out where he thinks the bathroom is.

Step 2

Place a puppy pad on your dog's current favorite indoor bathroom location. Your dog will be more likely to figure out what the puppy pad is for if it is located in an area where he already likes to use the bathroom. Puppy pads also have a scent to attract your dog. You gradually can relocate the puppy pad to wherever you want it once your dog knows to use the pad as a bathroom. If your Chihuahua has been using the bathroom outdoors, select an indoor location where you want your puppy pad to stay and put it there.

Step 3

Show the pad to your dog and let him sniff around on the pad. Praise him for being near the pad or paying attention to it.

Step 4

Kennel your dog using a small kennel or crate. Let him out when you know he has to go to the bathroom. Take him directly to the puppy pad and encourage him to use it. Wait for him to use the puppy pad. If he does not use the puppy pad after you have waited at least 30 minutes, return him to his kennel.

Step 5

Continue letting your Chihuahua out every so often and placing him on the puppy pad. Eventually your dog will get the idea that he is supposed to use the puppy pad. Praise him and offer him a treat when he uses the puppy pad. Continue this process until your dog goes to the puppy pad and uses it after being let out of the kennel.

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