Proper Treats to Give Siberian Huskies

Consider treats beyond dog biscuits for your Siberian husky.
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Siberian huskies originated as sled dogs in harsh Arctic environments. Part of their survival was shaped around having little food over long periods of time, and their bodies had to adapt to efficiently convert food to energy. Proper treats for Siberian huskies should include foods packed with protein and nutrients.

Treats to Avoid

In addition to toxic foods such as chocolate, caffeine, avocados, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins, there are certain foods that do not sit well with huskies. Avoid giving your husky treats that are comprised mostly of grains, such as wheat. Siberian huskies have a difficult time digesting grains, which tends to give them gas. Huskies also have difficulties digesting treats made with soybeans.

Commercial Treats

Purchase all-natural commercial treats that include fish, vegetables, fruit or rice as the main ingredients, as these are all packed with the nutrition and energy required to sustain the metabolic needs of Siberian huskies. Commercially made treats are available in the form of protein, fruits and vegetables, such as pure dehydrated salmon treats or preservative-free crunchy pumpkin and banana treats. Ask your veterinarian to recommend healthy husky treats.

Homemade Treats

Homemade treats are much healthier for huskies, as you have control over what goes into the recipe. Homemade treats such as meatballs, chicken broth biscuits and tuna tots are simple to make using ingredients already found in your home. These treats are nutritious, contain no preservatives, taste great and are easy to store and keep in your refrigerator or freezer until needed. Throw out homemade treats that aren't consumed within one week of being made.

When to Give Treats

Treats should not serve as substitutes for meals. Food should be available in their bowl since huskies are grazing-type dogs, where they like to come and eat little amounts from their food bowl as they please. Treats such as hard-boiled eggs or raw baby carrots are nutritionally valuable for underweight huskies. For healthy huskies, give treats when encouraging good behavior, such as when training or doing work. A small amount of treats goes a long way and will not be nutritionally wasted by your active husky.

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