How to Get a Poodle to Go Potty in the Rain & Cold

Poodles and rain do mix, with some effort on your part.

Poodles and rain do mix, with some effort on your part.

All that fluffy hair—can you blame your poodle for not wanting to go out into the rain? Unfortunately, if he doesn't toughen up and learn to brave the elements, you'll be stuck cleaning up the mess inside. Convincing a poodle to go out into the rain is not impossible.

Get your poodle used to wearing booties. You're probably dressing up your poodle already, so the boots are just the next step. Many dogs dislike the feel of cold, wet ground on their feet, and that might be the only reason yours is refusing to go potty outside. Booties can be hard to get used to, but once he does, this should solve the problem.

Brave the weather with him. Don't expect to open the door to your yard and have him go happily outside while you're waiting in the dry, warm living room. Put on a rain jacket—and maybe put one on your poodle too—and go out. Once you're out on the sidewalk, chances are he'll resign himself to being outside and go potty after a while.

Reward him with a treat after he goes potty. Poodles are highly intelligent dogs and can be easily trained—when there's something in it for them too. Poodles love to please their owners and thrive on praise. So make sure you show how proud you are of him every time he actually braves the weather and goes potty outside.

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