Do Pomeranians Have Separation Anxiety?

Pomeranians feel very attached to their owners and often fear being left home alone.
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Pomeranians are often so attached to their owners that they get separation anxiety when left home alone. While this is the case for many Pomeranians, it's not the case for all, so it's important to know if your Pomeranian is acting out because of anxiety or other reasons like curiosity or boredom.

Separation Anxiety

Common signs of separation anxiety are urinating inside the house, chewing on household items, barking for hours straight or attempting to escape. When you come home to any of these things, you may think you have a "bad dog," but your pup is never doing these things to get back at you for leaving. As hard as she tries, she can't control her anxiety when you're away, and her chewing or barking is a result of that anxiety.


Major changes in a dog's life often result in separation anxiety. If a dog was previously abandoned or given away, it's very likely she will have separation anxiety with her new family because she doesn't want to be left again. The loss of a family member or a change in the family dynamic, such as someone moving away, can cause her to have separation anxiety as well. If your family moves to a knew home, your pet could very likely develop separation anxiety because she's doesn't feel comfortable being left alone in an unfamiliar place.

The Difference

Pomeranians are known for barking due to separation anxiety. Listen to your pup's bark. If she is letting out a constant bark or how for hours while you're gone, it's very likely due to anxiety. If she's "alarm barking" at people walking by outside or loud noises, it's more likely due to boredom. Also, pay attention to what your Pomeranian gets into while you're away. If she mostly digs in the trash or chews highly fragrant items like leather shoes, she's probably acting out of curiosity instead of anxiety.

What to Do

With a little effort, you can help ease your pet's anxiety and stop the destruction that occurs while you're away. Take your Pomeranian out for a long walk or exercise before you leave the house. This will help her relax or sleep for some of the time you're away. Always leave her with one of her favorite treats or toys to help her associate you leaving with something she enjoys. Practice gradually increasing the amount of time you're away. Start with leaving for five minutes, then ten minutes, then 20 minutes, and so on. Your pup will start to realize that you always come home, and that you leaving is not such a big deal. Eventually, you'll be able to leave for a full work day without any problems.

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