What Does a Parakeet Love?

Parakeets love having a little company.
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There are over a dozen types of parakeets, but most of them share the same general likes and dislikes. Knowing what your parakeet loves is the key to providing a happy, comfortable home -- and when your budgie is happy, you'll be happy, too.


Most parakeets love playing with toys. These little guys may be small, but they have sharp intellects, and they need toys to keep their minds active all day while they're locked up in a cage. Perches, bells, chew toys and rings all are staples of the parakeet toy chest, but don't just toss them all in the cage at once. Parakeets also can get bored when they're stuck with the same toys all the time, so keep things fresh by switching them out every few days.

Social Time

In the wild, parakeets typically live in big groups. If they don't get any social interaction in your home, then they get a little lonely and even stir crazy. Parakeets love spending time with their people -- after getting to know them, anyway -- so make sure you set aside time every single day to take your little guy out of his cage and socialize for a bit.


You would get bored eating the same old seeds and pellets every day, and your parakeet is no different. These birds love a snack of fresh fruit or veggies every now and then, and while all birds have their own personal preferences, some favorites are near-universal. Leafy greens and strawberries usually are big hits with budgies, especially when they can dip them in their water dish.

Creature Comforts

All parakeets love a certain level of comfort at home, just like you. For example, don't put your bird's cage right in front of a window or an air conditioning vent. They don't necessarily need to have their cages covered at night either, but some birds find it comforting. Parakeets also love having cages that accommodate them, because even though they are small they need to have a little space to fly around.

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