Parakeet Cage Care

Keeping your parakeet's cage clean also keeps your bird happy and healthy.
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Parakeets are popular pet birds known for their intelligence and affectionate natures. Although many parakeets enjoy perching on their owners' shoulders, these sociable birds also require safe enclosures to call home. Parakeet cages require a bit of routine care, but a clean cage helps keeps your pet happy and healthy.

Cage Materials

Avoid purchasing a wooden cage for your parakeet. Wooden bird cages might look stunning in your home, but the material is very hard to keep clean. Because wood easily absorbs moisture, it promotes the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Wire parakeet cages typically require the least amount of care. Look for bird cages with pull-out trays for even easier cleaning. Those trays make it a breeze for you to discard bird droppings and any food that falls to the cage floor. Just line the tray with absorbent materials, such as paper bags, newspapers or dried ground corncobs. Change the material as needed, typically every three to seven days.

Basic Cage Care

Wipe down the entire cage from base to bars once a week with non-toxic cleaner safe for birds. After cleaning, wipe down all surfaces again with a damp cloth to remove the last of the cleaner residue. Give the cage a more thorough cleaning about once a month. Turn your parakeet loose in a safe room for a little supervised flying time. Place the cage in a tub of water to soften any stuck-on bird droppings. Clean all surfaces with non-toxic, bird-friendly cleaner. Rinse the bird cage thoroughly and allow it to completely dry before putting your parakeet back inside.

Caring for Dishes

Parakeet cage care also includes cleaning your bird's food and water dishes every day. If your parakeet has a water bottle, wash this every day as well to keep algae from building up inside. Use mild dish soap on all dishes and bottles and rinse them thoroughly in warm water. Allow the food dish to dry thoroughly before adding fresh food.

Accessory Care

Parakeets love their toys, so no cage is complete without a few bird swings, hemp ropes and bird cage ladders. These birds also enjoy their perches, so you likely have several made out of different materials. Thoroughly clean all of the toys and perches once a week with non-toxic, bird-friendly cleaner. Allow wooden perches to dry in the sun so they are completely dry before you return them to their cages. Make sure you position the perches in ways that bird droppings don't end up in the food or water bowls.

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