Does Oatmeal Help Your Dog's Coat?

Your dog will thank you for soothing his itchy coat.
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Oatmeal can help soothe a dog's itchy skin, but you don't have to soak your buddy in a tub of breakfast cereal to reap that benefit. Several oatmeal-based products can make it easy for you to keep Spot's coat and skin in top condition.

Soothing Properties

Oatmeal is known to help clear up several skin conditions in dogs. If scratching his skin has become one of your pal's main pastimes, you may want to try oatmeal. It contains chemicals known to relieve itching and irritation, according to Vetinfo. Oatmeal also helps balance the pH of your dog's skin, making it a powerful ally for relieving itchiness associated with eczema and psoriasis.

Moisturizing Properties

You can blame dry, cold weather, the forced-air heat, and low humidity when Spot's coat takes on a dry, flaky look in winter. For a start toward tackling the problem, you can crank up your humidifier. Then you can try some oatmeal to help moisturize, clean, and soften your pampered pooch's coat.

Healing Properties

The high levels of minerals and vitamins found in oatmeal seeds can help your buddy's skin heal when a hot spot is driving him nuts. Try making a slurry, using a mix of ground oats and water. Wrap the concoction in cheese cloth, and apply it as a poultice directly on the hot spot for about 15 minutes, several times a day. Healing and soothing herbs such as calendula, chamomile, or lavender can be added to the poultice to further enhance healing, according to veterinarian Randy Kidd.

Oatmeal Products

If you want to try oatmeal as a way to help your pal's skin and coat, but don't have time to grind oats and deal with a mess, you might want to try one of the many ready-to-use oatmeal products on the market. Look for a good oatmeal shampoo that's enriched with added bonuses such as vitamin E, tea tree oil or aloe. Also marketed are oatmeal conditioners and sprays, and even oatmeal soaps intended to pamper your buddy's coat and make it smell heavenly.

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