Does Neutering Yorkies Calm Them Down?

Consider neutering your Yorkie to calm him down.
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Yorkshire terriers are like most small dogs -- spunky little balls of energy. Although some high-energy behaviors can be cute, there probably are times when you wish that your dog would calm down. Neutering is a recommended procedure for male pets that could impact your Yorkie's behavior significantly.

Yorkie Behavior

While some people may think of Yorkshire terriers as tiny purse dogs who love to relax, that is not always the case. Yorkies, especially young ones, tend to be high-energy dogs. They love to play with toys, and their instinct is to chase smaller animals, such as squirrels. Barking is a common trait for these little guys. Sometimes these intense, spastic personality traits can be cute, but when they need to be addressed, these behaviors, if excessive, can be minimized.

What is Neutering?

Neutering refers to a surgery performed on a dog to disable his ability to reproduce, which can be done anytime after 8 weeks of age. While it may sound inhumane, it's not -- in fact, it's always encouraged by veterinarians. It can help with unwanted pet behaviors and can prevent some health problems, such as testicular cancer.

How Neutering Affects Yorkie Behavior

Neutering can help to calm certain behaviors in high-energy Yorkies. Many intact dogs are sexually frustrated and become preoccupied with roaming or getting out to find a mate, which can lead to anxiety and unwanted, neurotic behaviors. By neutering your Yorkie, you will alleviate this stress, which will calm him down. You'll likely have a much happier and healthier dog if you choose to neuter.

Other Tips

Although neutering calms most dogs, it may not eradicate all unwanted behaviors. Yorkie's are playful and love interaction, so be sure to give your dog enough playtime. Take him for walks every day. Socialize him with other dogs regularly so that he learns to behave in a calm manner in public. Always praise your Yorkie when he's exhibiting positive, calm behavior. Treats work well, but many Yorkies are happy making their owners happy.

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