Nature of English Cocker Spaniels

English cocker spaniels make good-natured family pets.
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Although English cocker spaniels were initially bred to be hunting companions for British gentlemen, these dogs quickly became beloved family pets due to their good-natured, playful personalities. English cocker spaniels make ideal companions for athletic individuals since they adore participating in physical activities with their owners.


The British phrase "Merry Corker" might've been coined by an individual who owned English cocker spaniels. According to the American Kennel Club, members of this breed are typically cheerful, friendly, easy-going dogs. Whether lounging on your bed or playing fetch in the yard, an English cocker's good nature is evident in his enthusiastic, nonstop tail wagging.


English cocker spaniels are extremely affectionate and devoted to their owners. These sociable dogs love to stick close to family members and typically want to be involved in all of your activities. Members of this breed don't enjoy being "outside only" pets and absolutely hate being isolated from their human families. English cockers are very friendly toward other dogs and also get along well with household cats. Despite their friendly nature, English cocker spaniels can be quite reserved around strangers and will quickly sound the alarm when somebody approaches your door.

Energy Levels

The compact English cocker spaniel is adaptable enough to live in almost any environment just so long as he gets plenty of daily exercise. Whether it's going for brisk 30-minute walks, playing lively games of fetch, running agility courses or performing in field trials, choose a physical activity that keeps your English cocker spaniel busy, happy and in excellent physical shape.


Members of the English cocker spaniel breed typically require very little training except for basic obedience commands, such as sitting, staying and coming when called. These intelligent dogs are very trainable and love receiving your undivided attention during training sessions. Because these dogs are so affectionate and devoted to family members, be sure you use patience and gentle tones when training your doggy. Cockers are fast learners and respond well to positive reinforcement techniques such as praise and food rewards.

Living Requirements

English cocker spaniels might be compact and adaptable, but they still need some outdoor space to romp and play. Their hunting origins make them quick to chase birds and small critters, so only let him off leash if you have a fenced yard. The way to an English cocker's heart is definitely through his stomach. Be careful not to overfeed your dog, no matter how cute he looks with his big, puppy dog eyes. Keep food off of your counters and your garbage can covered or your spaniel will try to sneak food whenever he thinks you're not looking.

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