Natural Ways to Make a Dog Smell Better

A stinky dog doesn't have to be banished from the house.
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Healthy dogs don’t stink, though they may sometimes smell a bit “doggy.” A strong smell can be caused by poor health or an encounter with something smelly. If you aren’t sure, take your dog to the vet; otherwise, there are natural ways to deal with bad odors.


Chlorophyll is a natural substance that plants use to make their own food; it’s the stuff that makes leaves green. It is also a natural deodorizer that works by eliminating many toxins, bacteria and fungus from the body. Adding a bit of liquid chlorophyll to your dog’s diet on a regular basis, such as in his water, reduces many potential odor-causing problems and typically makes your dog’s skin and breath smell much better as a result.

Tooth Brushing

Give your dog hard, crunchy or chewy foods and toys to help keep the plaque scraped off of his teeth. Since plaque contains bacteria and may also harbor bits of old food, it can often be responsible for giving your dog stinky breath and making him unpleasant to be around. Regular brushing with a soft toothbrush helps to get rid of this sticky coating, too, and will work to keep your dog’s mouth clean and odor-free. Always use dog toothpaste and never human toothpaste for your pet.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has a well-deserved reputation as a natural deodorizer, and it can work wonders on a dog whose coat has a bad odor. Brush out his coat first to remove any foreign matter that might be causing the smell, and then work baking soda all through his fur, being careful not to get it in his eyes. Let the baking soda have a few minutes to work, then give him another good brushing to remove it from his coat.


A dog that has a close encounter with a skunk will smell pretty bad, but you can help him out by using vinegar on him. It acts to neutralize the smell, but you have to work it into your dog’s fur thoroughly, and rub it for about 10 minutes. Adding a good dish washing detergent will help to loosen the grip of the oily skunk spray on your dog’s coat, making the smell go away even quicker. Be sure to rinse him well after this treatment to wash the skunk spray, vinegar and detergent off.

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