What Is the Monthly Cost of Food for a Siberian Husky?

Your husky's caloric needs depend on his size, age, activity level and environment.
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Siberian huskies were bred to conserve energy, increasing their endurance in frigid conditions, so they require less food than most dogs their size. The monthly cost to feed your husky depends on what quality food you choose, whether you make your own dog food, taxes in your area and how hard you're willing to look for a deal.

Dry Dog Food

The typical recommendation for an adult Siberian husky is 2 cups of dry food a day. This varies depending on your dog's size and activity level. Two cups equals one pound of dog food, which equals 30 pounds of food per month. The typical mid-range brand bag of kibble (Purina, Alpo, or Iams for example) costs about $35 per 30 pound bag. So, the cost per month would be roughly $35 per month.

Premium or natural dog food can cost $60 to $70 for a 30 lb bag for brands such as Blue Buffalo, Eukanuba, and Wellness. Because dogs can eat slightly less when eating premium dog food, a husky would eat about 1 1/2 cups per day. That would equal about 23 pounds of food per month. Using the average premium price of $65 per bag, your cost would be approximately $50 per month.

Canned Dog Food

If you prefer to feed your furry friend wet canned food, the monthly cost will go up considerably. The feeding recommendation for an adult Siberian husky is 1 ½ - 2 cans of wet food per day, based on a 12-oz can. Mid-range name brand dog food costs about $1.25 per can. At 2 cans per day, your cost would be $75 per month.

Premium canned food costs on average $2.50 per can. Feeding your dog slightly less of the premium food, you'll need 1 to 1 1/2 cans per day. At $2.50 per can for 45 cans, the cost would be $112.50 per month.

Combining Dry and Canned Dog Food

If you're a dog owner who likes to mix it up and give your husky a combo of dry and canned food, there's a bit more math to do. If you split the ratio in half, for regular brand names you would need about 1 cup of dry food and 1 can of wet food daily. This would cost $55 per month. For premium brands, your total would be $81 per month.

Making Your Own Dog Food

Dog owners have another option when choosing dog food - making their own. An average dog food recipe contains 60 percent meat, 20 percent vegetables, and 20 percent grain. If you buy lean ground beef at $3 per pound, vegetables at $1.35 per pound like frozen green peas, and whole grain rice at $1.60 per pound, the cost per pound of homemade dog food is $2.40. This is also your cost per day. For a whole month, homemade dog food costs about $72 using these ingredients. Cost will vary depending on what ingredients you choose to make your doggie dinners.

Ways to Save

There are always ways to cut food costs without compromising the quality of food you provide your furry friend. Bulk stores like Sam's Club and Costco tend to have lower prices overall. You can stock up on dry or wet dog food at your usual store when it's on sale to avoid paying full price later. Use online and flyer coupons to help you shop around for the best price.

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